4 Tips for Business Blogging in 2012

Business blogging is one of the most innovative ways to create relationships with your target audience. Business blogs create interactive ways for you and your upper management to share valuable information with your target markets. They are one of the most cost efficient ways of advertising and communicating with your potential clients and customers. Business blogging definitely needs to be added to your company’s marketing approach. Here are 4 tips for business blogging to improve customer loyalty within your organization:

1. Become an Industry Expert

A company blog is an effective to place your company as an expert leader in your industry. It doesn’t have to be technical reports or industry statistics. You can blog about exciting things happening within your company or interesting industry news. This type of information causes your blog readers to turn to you for resources related to your niche. Your readers will no longer have to search online for content. They can come directly to your blog to stay up-to-date on current events and valuable topics in your field of expertise.

2. Add Value for Readers

Blogs are not about sales pitches and advertisements. Their purpose is to add value. Therefore, you should provide content that is of value to your potential customers. If you provide educational, inspiring, informative content for your readers, they will be sure to come back for more. By creating blog reader loyalty, you increase your chances of turning those online visitors into online sales. Share interesting stories about industry successes, “how-to” pieces and tips and tricks. Not only will your readers respect you for your valuable content, they’ll trust you as a “go-to” source in your genre.

3. Share Your Unique Content

Don’t always blog about the popular topics happening in the news. That’s what everyone will be talking about. Use current industry to news to hit topics that no one else is touching on yet. If your competitors are talking about the who and when of a current event, your business blogging should be about the how and why of that same event. Then, make sure you share your blog content with your business network. Let your network members speak for you. If the content is interesting and relevant to your field, they will also share it with their networks.

4. Solve Industry Problems for Readers

Don’t spend so much business blogging time trying to promote your new product or innovative service. Your blog is not about making sales. That’s what your website is for. The focus of your business blog is to solve problems that your readers have. That’s why their online searching. They’re trying to deal with some sort of issue they’re having. They came to your blog because they were searching certain keywords and your link led them to believe you had the answer. Use your industry expertise to ensure them that they were right. You do have the answers.

Too Busy for Business Blogging?

If you’re too busy to start your own blog, guest blogging is one of the best business blogging techniques for busy directors and executives to build an online presence without dedicating large amounts of time to blogs. At the end of a long day at the office, you probably need to get home to your family, the kids or your personal social activities. Find quality, relevant blogs in your industry. Develop relationships with them that will allow you to write occasional blog posts for their high traffic blogs. In return for adding valuable content to their site, they can allow your post to link back to your company website. No matter what method you choose, you need

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